Help us, help you be home fire safe.

Escape plans

Having a home escape plan in conjunction with a working smoke alarm will greatly increase your chances of getting out safely.

Every second counts.

Be prepared by making a plan of escape

Draw a floor plan of your home, including two ways of escape from each room. Plan an escape route and ensure everyone knows how to get out.

Blocked exits are a hazard. Keep exits clear.

Keep door and window keys in or next to locks so they can be opened easily.

Decide on a meeting place outside e.g. the letterbox.

Provide alternatives and someone to assist for anyone with a disability.

Create an escape plan



Download a PDF template for your escape plan (PDF)


Example escape plan

Did you know?

The use of heaters, cigarettes and candles are common causes of fires.

When you're asleep, you won't smell the smoke from a fire.

You're twice as likely to die in a home fire if you don't have a working smoke alarm.

Fire & Rescue NSW responds to approximately
residential fires each year.
Half of these fires start in the kitchen, mostly due to unattended cooking.

Electrical appliances and faults cause almost 40% of home fires.