Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Policy

Our Commitment

The NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and workplace diversity.  We aim to ensure that:

  • our workplaces are free from all forms of discrimination,
  • our workplace policies and practices are fair and equitable,
  • all employees are valued and respected and have opportunities to achieve their full potential,
  • employment opportunities are improved for those previously disadvantaged, and
  • our workforce reflects the diversity of the community we serve.

Our Practices

We aim to achieve fair and equitable practices in all areas of employment including:

  • recruitment, selection and promotion practices which are open, competitive and based on merit,
  • access for all employees to training and development,
  • grievance handling procedures that are accessible and deal with workplace complaints promptly, fairly and confidentially,
  • communication processes that give employees access to information and allow their view to be heard,
  • management decisions that are fair and responsible,
  • recognition and respect for the social and cultural backgrounds of all employees and members of the community, and
  • inclusive workplaces free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.

EEO, Diversity and You

For the NSWFB to effectively implement the principles of EEO and workplace diversity, all employees must actively participate.

As a NSWFB employee, you can contribute on a day to day basis by:

  • treating your colleagues and the diverse community you serve fairly and with respect,
  • valuing the different contributions people can make to your team,
  • making decisions genuinely based on fairness and merit,
  • removing unfair and inappropriate barriers to workplace participation,
  • meeting organisational needs through the effective implementation of flexible work practices , and
  • preventing all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

More information

Our EEO programs are reflected in the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Management Plan, which is available on our Intranet.  

If you need more information about EEO, workplace diversity, discrimination or harassment, contact your supervisor, next line manager or human resources manager. 


Greg Mullins, AFSM