Pre ED

The Pre ED online teachers' resource section accompanies the Pre ED program as presented by Fire & Rescue NSW firefighters in NSW preschools.

Child development

Each activity has been collated and written with the understanding that preschool children are typically in a pre-operational stage of cognitive development (Piaget). As a result symbols and simple vocabulary have been used on flash cards.

Fire safety songs have been interwoven into the program for children's enjoyment and as an aid to long term memory acquisition.

This program provides opportunity for the students to demonstrate and roleplay the fire safety procedures of Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll and Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go.

Worksheets and lesson plans

Part of the Fire & Rescue NSW's Pre ED program includes a series of follow up lesson plans and worksheets to work on with the students, in class or at home, to reinforce the lessons learnt.

More information on worksheets and lesson plans


Following the presentation, teachers can select from a range of activities to reinforce the lessons learnt from the Pre ED program.

More information on activities

Print materials

All of the Pre ED teachers information on the Fire & Rescue NSW Schools site, including flashcards and worksheets, is available in PDF format for printing.

More information on print materials

Would you like the Fire and Rescue NSW to visit your school?

Interested in having firefighters come to your school to deliver the Pre ED program? Contact your local fire station


Teachers' evaluation

Complete the Pre ED assessment with the students and complete the online feedback form. Information obtained from this questionnaire will be used to assess Pre ED program outcomes and will be used to assist the program and improve our service.

Provide feedback on the Pre Ed program (PDF, 140KB)