The RescuED online teachers' resource section accompanies the RescuED program as presented by Fire & Rescue NSW firefighters in NSW high schools.


RescuED supports Stage 5 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) programs. It is to be used in the context of a school PDHPE program, which has been developed to meet the specific needs of students and school communities. RescuED should enhance school-based driver education teaching and learning programs or units of work, and should complement other road safety education curriculum resources, such as Shifting Gears.

More information on Syllabus, including Stage 5 objectives and outcomes

Ideas for programming

Road safety education is best addressed within the context of a Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) program delivered by the teacher. The messages communicated through the Fire & Rescue NSW's presentation will have maximum benefit to students if delivered as a part of a teaching unit and not as an isolated, one-off activity.

To assist teachers with programming and incorporating this initiative into school PDHPE programs, the Fire & Rescue NSW has suggestions on what teachers can do before, during and after the presentation.

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The Fire & Rescue NSW RescuED presentation is divided into 4 activities. The total time allocated to the entire presentation is 1 hour 50 minutes.

The structure of the presentation for each school will be discussed and finalised with a Fire & Rescue NSW officer.

More information on the RescuED presentation


Presentation activities

The RescuED presentation consists of 4 activities that are designed to complement the school's existing PDHPE program for Stage 5 students. A member of the Fire & Rescue NSW will present the activities with support from a classroom teacher.

More information on the RescuED presentation activities.

Teaching activities

A range of practical classroom activities exploring risk factors and behaviours that contribute to unsafe driving behaviours.

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Print materials

All of the RescuED teachers information on the Fire & Rescue NSW Schools site, including information on the program, syllabus links, ideas for programming and teaching and learning activities, is available in PDF format for printing.

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Would you like the FRNSW to visit your school?

Interested in having firefighters come to your school to deliver the Fire ED program? Contact your local fire station

Teachers' evaluation/feedback form

Have you had firefighters visit your school and present the RescuED program to your students?

Please take the time to complete the RescuED teachers' online feedback form. Information obtained from this questionnaire will be used to assess RescuED program outcomes and will be used to assist the program and improve our service. All information of a personal nature will be kept strictly confidential.

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