For parents

Does your child play with fire?- Intervention and Fire Awareness Program (IFAP)

Children are often fascinated with fire, but they rarely understand the consequences of playing with it. If you discover that your child is playing with fire there are vital steps that you can take towards stopping this behaviour. If you are concerned about your child's fascination with fire, Fire & Rescue NSW has developed the Intervention and Fire Awareness Program (IFAP) specifically to help you and your family. More information on Intervention and Fire Awareness Program (IFAP).

Fire ED Feedback

Has Fire & Rescue NSW recently presented their Fire ED program at your child's school? To assist us in ensuring that the Fire ED program is achieving its aim we ask that you take a few minutes to answer an online questionnaire. Provide Feedback on Fire ED

High school students -RescuED

Is Fire & Rescue NSW going to present the RescuED program at your school in the near future? Are you curious to know what the program involves? More information on the RescuEd program and what it means for your child