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Workplace safety

Small business fire safety

Small businesses need to have plans to prevent fires and to help their business recover should an unforeseen emergency occur.
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Restaurant fire safety

Restaurants, cafes and other eating establishments are workplaces that are at a high risk from fire. This is due to the environment with the potential of combustibles in close proximity to hot surfaces and open flames. The most common fires involve unattended cooking, overheating of cooking oil or fat, and the ignition of fatty residues within range hoods and ducting. Learn more about restaurant fire safety

Portable fire extinguisher information for business

With proper use a portable fire extinguisher will be able to reduce or eliminate the degree of injury, damage and cost to business in the event of a small fire. Learn more about portable fire extinguisher information for business.

In case of fire

If you see fire or smoke, do not panic or shout. Remain calm and remember RACE.
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Evacuation is the rapid removal of people in a safe and orderly manner from immediate or threatened danger in a workplace. Remember these tips to evacuate safely.
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Hazardous materials at work

In case of spills or leaks of hazardous materials at work remain calm and remember RACE.
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Case Studies

Case studies and lessons learned from some of our most complex and intensive fire rescue operations undertaken by FRNSW relating to business fire safety can be found here.
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Recycling Fire Extinguishers and Maintance Tips

Steel is one of the world's most recycled products and is 100% recyclable. Find out how to recycle your fire extinguishers.