Lesson plan 1

"Firefighters are our friends" and "Classroom evacuation procedure"


15 minutes


To introduce students to the role of firefighter

To discuss and practice fire evacuation procedures with the children, identifying:

  1. the need to tell an adult and yell fire
  2. a safe area for children to move to
  3. the need to drop everything and not turn back

To use a fire fighting song or finger play as a transition

Inform the children of when the firefighters are coming to visit

Resources required

A large bag, big enough to fit a firefighter's hat in it

Words to finger play or song

Flash cards

  • Tell an adult
  • Go to our safe area
  • Get out, stay out

Teaching activities

Firefighters are our friends

  • Begin group time by asking the children what they think you have in your bag.
  • Ask for a few volunteers to feel what is in the bag without looking at it.
  • Ask the children who the hat belongs to.

Discuss with the children any time they may have seen firefighters

  • Ask the children what firefighters do
  • Emphasise that firefighters are their friends and are safe people to run to in the event of a fire at home or at preschool or anywhere else.

Have children stand as they learn a finger play or song

Escape Plan

  • Tell the children you have an escape plan to keep them all safe
  • Explain the escape plan to the children

Remember to include the following points

  • Use a bell or whistle in a certain way so that all children know that it is a fire alert.
  • Teach the children to yell fire. Talk about the need to only call this out when there really is a fire.
  • Have a designated safe area where the children congregate in the event of a fire and teach the children to calmly get there as fast as they can
  • Teach the children to drop everything and not to go back.
  • You may ask them questions like "If there is a fire should I get my ... (bag, hat ,cuddly toy etc)"
  • Review flash cards one at a time.

Role play your escape plan

  • Have the children playing in different areas of the room. Designate one child to run to an adult yelling fire.
  • Practice the rest of the escape plan

You could finish your group time with verse 1 of The fire safety song sung to Skip to my Lou