Lesson plan 2

"Teaching escape plan with Get Down Low and Go Go Go"


15 minutes


Recall the flashcards from yesterday, to aid in memorising this procedure

Recall the sound of a smoke alarm

Learn and use the fire safety procedure of Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go

Demonstrate their understanding of this procedure through role play and by linking it with their escape plan

Enjoy learning and singing a fire safety song or finger play

Resources required

Large bag or sack with the flashcards:

  • Tell
  • Go
  • Get out, Stay out

Know where your smoke alarm is situated

A large red piece of material to use as a smoke level

Teaching activities

Begin group time with a fire safety song

Review flashcards: Tell, Go , Get out and Stay out

  • Ask the children if anyone can remember one of the three flashcards from yesterday's lesson.
  • Invite three children to pull the cards out of the special bag.

Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go

Inform the children that fire gives off smoke

  • Ask the children if anyone knows what smoke alarms are. Show them where they are situated in the classroom and discuss where they might be found in their home.

If you can, sound your smoke alarm

  • Ask the children what they would do if they heard a smoke alarm at home or at school.
  • Explain to the children that the safest place for them to be when a room is smoky is under the smoke level.

To get under the smoke level they will need to Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go

Demonstrate to the children how to crawl on all fours

  • Get the children to demonstrate crawling on all fours and saying to themselves, Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go.
  • Use a large piece of red fabric as an imaginary smoke level. Direct the children to crawl underneath it and to follow the rest of the evacuation procedure.
  • Combine all the previous points by getting the children to hear the smoke alarm, crawl to the door and then follow the escape plan.

You could finish group time with verse 2 of The fire safety song and then sing verse 1 from yesterday's lesson (Lesson plan 1).