Follow-up activities

  • Read and discuss the poem Natalie about crawling low in smoke.
  • Create role plays around the lessons, using the provided finger puppets.
  • Use photos taken during class sessions as a basis for writing activities, storytelling, murals, etc.
  • Children can draw or paint firefighters at work. The pictures can be grouped together and displayed with captions.
  • Drama activities: suggested role plays:
    • Be a person calling the Fire Brigade to report a fire
    • Be a person in a house which is on fire
    • Be a firefighter holding a fire hose. Spray water onto the flames
    • Be a person whose clothes have caught fire
    • Be a person who notices that the clothes of a friend are on fire
  • Create flannel board stories about fires.
  • Teach the words and actions to a Firefighter Finger Play.

Physical activities

Physical games aimed at reinforcing the Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go and Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll messages.

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Language arts

The Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go message is taught through the use of the poem Natalie, Crawl low in Smoke.

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A number of art based activities to use during class to reinforce the key Pre ED fire safety messages, including Hot and Cold Collage, Safe and Unsafe Fire Drawing and more.

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Maths based activities, such as counting the number of fire extinguishers and the number of doors they need to pass through to get outside, are used to help children remember the fire safety messages presented to them in the Fire ED program.

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Songs are a good aid in getting children to remember key fire safety messages. Five songs, including The Fire Safety Song and Wheels on the Fire Engine, are available to teachers to sing with children.

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Firefighter finger plays

A finger play is a fun way to teach young children a message. These finger plays are about the important job firefighters have in the community.

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