Lesson plan 3

"Safe vs unsafe fires", "Get Down Low and Go, Go Go", "Stop, Drop, Cover, Roll", "Practice escape plan"


15 minutes


Recall the procedure of Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go as well as Tell, Go, Get out and Stay Out.

Discuss what can catch on fire and burn

Recall and practise the fire safety procedure of

  • Stop
  • Drop
  • Cover
  • Roll

Resources required

Choose a fire safety song

Review flashcards of Tell, Go, Get out and Stay Out


  • Stop
  • Drop
  • Cover
  • Roll

Inform the aid in the room that there will be a spontaneous evacuation drill during the day.

Teaching activities

Transition the children to the floor to group time by singing a fire safety song.

Begin group time by discussing with the children the things that can catch on fire.

Tell, Go, Get out and Stay out

Ask them what they should do if they see a fire, prompting them to remember the procedures you have taught them: Tell, Go, Get out and Stay out

Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll

When someone articulates the fact that their clothes could catch on fire, ask the children if they know what to do if this happened.

Explain to the children that the best way to put out burning clothes is to Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll

Demonstrate the following sequence as you hold up the flashcards

  • Stop straight away
  • Drop quickly to the ground
  • Cover your face with your hands, elbows tucked in
  • Roll over and over on the ground to put the flames out

Demonstrate it again this time while singing to the tune of "Three Blind Mice"

Stop and Drop and Cover and Roll
Stop and Drop and Cover and Roll
Stop and Drop and Cover and Roll
This is what we all should do!

Invite the children to sing Stop and Drop and Cover and Roll and then have them use their gross motor coordination to carry out the sequence.

You could finish today's group time by singing the first three verses of The firefighter song

Plan a spontaneous fire evacuation drill through the day

Debrief this drill by acknowledging children for their response time, for coming to the safety area in their dress up clothes etc.