Home floor and escape plan

Give children a floor plan of a house, school or other building. Have them count the number of doors they must pass to get to the escape door that leads them outside. Tell them to write the numbers on each door as they count them.

Word problems

Give students a word problem such as the following: Simon found three boxes of matches in his kitchen, three in the lounge room and one in the bedroom. He gave them all to his mother. How many did his mother have? (Remember to do these activities with real materials such as pencils.)

Fire extinguishers

Have the students walk around the school and locate and count all of the fire extinguishers. Have them draw each of the extinguishers as a representation.

Ordinal numbers

Use ordinals in informal situations, for example:

  • First (1st) - Stop
  • Second (2nd) - Drop
  • Third (3rd) - Cover
  • Fourth (4th) - Roll