Finger plays

A finger play is a fun way to teach young children a message.

These finger plays are about the important job firefighters have in the community.

Teach the words slowly, line by line. Then go back and teach the finger movements with the words once again, line by line.

Smoke detector

  1. I am a smoke detector beep, beep, beep
    (Squat down and point to self)
  2. I will sniff for smoke while you are asleep
    (Wrinkle nose and sniff)
  3. Push my little button and then you will hear
    (Touch nose with finger)
  4. A sound that says I'm working all through the year
    (Jump up)

Calling the Fire Brigade

  1. When I report an emergency
    (Pretend to hold a telephone receiver)
  2. Here's what the firefighter wants from me
    (Point finger to self)
  3. My name, address, phone number makes three
    (Hold up one, two and three fingers)
  4. And don't hang up 'til they're done with me
    (Point finger and nod head back and forth)

The brave firefighter

  1. This brave firefighter is going to bed.
    (Hold up right thumb)
  2. Down on the pillow he lays his head.
    (Put right thumb on left palm)
  3. Wraps around his blanket tight, plans to sleep this way all night.
    (Curl fingers around thumb)
  4. The fire alarm rings! He opens his eyes.
    (Make alarm sound and uncurl fingers)
  5. Quickly he's dressed and slides down the pole.
    (Slide right hand down left arm and grip from wrist to elbow)
  6. Jumps on truck to go, go, go.
    (Turn imaginary wheel and make a siren sound)
  7. From a high window.
    (Hand to forehead looking up)
  8. "Help! Help!" people shout.
    (Hands around mouth)
  9. He climbs up the ladder and gets them out.
    (Pretend climbing)

You can now try using whole body movements while reciting the above lines, to create a play.

  1. Stand straight and tall.
  2. Lay down head on hands.
  3. Wrap arms around body (or curl up tight).
  4. Jump up to straight position.
  5. "Drive" truck around in circle or around room making siren sounds.
  6. Look way up, hand to forehead.
  7. Hands around mouth.
  8. Pretend climbing.

The firefighter

  1. This firefighter rings the bell
  2. This firefighter hold the hose so well
  3. This firefighter slides down the pole
  4. This firefighter chops a hole
  5. This firefighter climbs higher and higher
  6. And all the fire-fighters put out the fire!

Firefighters at work

  1. Can you hear the siren?
    (Cup right hand to ear.)
  2. Listen to it scream!
  3. Can you hear the fire bell?
    (Cup left hand to ear.)
  4. Do you know what they mean?
  5. Here come the firefighters
    (Run in place.)
  6. Listen to them shout!
    (Cup hands around mouth.)
  7. Pour on water! Pour on water!
    (With mouth cupped, shout this.)
  8. Put the fire out!
    (Shout and pretend to squirt water from hose.)

Firefighter finger play

  1. Five brave fire-fighters, Sleeping so,
    (hold up a hand with fingers flat across palm)
  2. The fire bell rings, Down the pole they go,
    (open the hand and make a downward motion)
  3. Jump in the fire truck, Hurry down the street. Climb up the ladder,
    (make the fingers climb)
  4. Feel the fire's heat.
    (wipe sweat from your brow)
  5. Five brave fire-fighters
    (hold up five fingers)
  6. Put the fire out.
    (make a wiping motion)
  7. Hip! Hip! Hooray! All the people shout!