Lesson plan 4

"Practice escape plan", "Revise the fire safety procedures"


15 minutes


Recall the safety procedures they have learnt over the past three lessons

Demonstrate their skills in these fire safety procedures

Identify items that are hot

Discuss what to do with matches or lighters

Enjoy singing a fire safety song, designed as a tool in assimilating new information

Resources required

Brightly coloured question box

Large bag or sack

Write out questions on cardboard pertaining to different steps in the fire safety procedures to put in the question box

Photocopied worksheets

  • What's hot

Teaching activities

Transition the children to the floor as you sing a fire safety song.

Question box

Have a brightly coloured Question Box inside the large back or sack that was used to hide the fire hat

Inside the question box could be questions like,

  • What's the first thing you do when you see a fire?
  • What do I do if my clothes are burning?
  • How do you know when there is a fire if you haven't seen it?

Choose different children to stand up and pick out a question. Read it to the rest of the children. Have the children demonstrate (where appropriate) the answer to each question.

What's hot and safety with matches

Show the children the worksheet - What's hot

  • Ask them to help you cross out those things that are hot.

Pause on matches and have the following conversation:

  • What should you do if you find matches or lighters?
  • Ask the children several times, raising your voice each time
    Who should you give them to?
    An adult!

Tell the children there is another verse to the song you have been singing The firefighter song

Sing the final verse with them

I found matches what do I do?
I found matches what do I do?
I found matches what do I do?
Give them to an adult - Yes that's true!(yell out, yes that's true)


After the firefighters have been to your preschool please feel free to email Fire & Rescue NSW and tell us what you think of the FireED program.