Activities for use prior to or following the presentation

The activities outlined below are suggestions only.

The activities are from Shifting Gearsa road safety education resource for Stage 5 developed by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in cooperation with the Curriculum Directorate of the Department of Education and Training, the Catholic Education Commission, NSW and the Association of Independent Schools.

Section of Shift 2nd Gear CDActivity NumberCD RomRequiredDescription
Crash Investigator 1.1 Yes Students analyse factors contributing to the crash in Crash Investigator and relate these to a mock crash scene.
1.2 No Students use the Haddon Matrix to analyse factors which the factors which contribute to crashes in NSW and develop strategies to reduce crashes.
1.3 No Students explore the skills needed for safe driving, moving beyond car control skills to perceptual, cognitive and social skills.
Riskometer 2.1 Yes Students explore the complexities of learning a new skill and apply this to the driving task in Riskometer.
2.2 No Students analyse risk and personal responsibility in the hazards in the driving environment and develop a media release to explore these issues with their peers and the community.
2.3 No Students investigate the effect of peer influence on driving and practise assertive behaviour.
L Test 3.1 Yes Students investigate current road rules in L Test, and create and justify new rules.
3.2 No Students explore the effect of knowledge, behaviour questions and socio-cultural factors on learning to drive.
Reporter 4.1 Yes Students use Reporter to headersentify, discuss and analyse information about young drivers and why they are over-represented in crashes.
4.2 No Students discuss and analyse indivheadersual motivations and meanings of cars and driving.
4.3 No Students use critical thinking skills to explore possible approaches to road safety problems.