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FireFit Training Guide

Time is of the essence – don’t waste it.

Being prepared for what you might face is a daily requirement of firefighting. The FireFit Training Guide is available to help you train specifically for the tasks involved in firefighting – and prepare you for FRNSW’s Physical Aptitude Test (PAT). Don’t leave anything to chance and don’t wait until your invitation to the PAT comes along – start training now.

Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation. Stressors associated with material handling, load carriage (including personal protective equipment), temperature extremes, variable terrains and confined spaces, are known to impose unique physical and physiological demands upon firefighters. The PAT is an assessment of the inherent requirements of firefighting and has been designed specifically to identify and recruit individuals who are physiologically capable of tolerating the work-related stress of firefighting.

To successfully complete the PAT, a candidate’s preparation will require regular cardiovascular and resistance training with a program targeted at the specific functional movements associated with firefighting. Please refer to the FireFit Training Guide (PDF) for further advice and a weekly training program.

This guide, created by exercise physiologists, will help you train specifically for the tasks involved in firefighting - and prepare you for the PAT.

It’s based on an 8–12 week program, depending on your starting fitness level.

Download the FireFit Training Guide here (PDF, 3MB) - Updated 13/04/2015

Watch a short video about the guide below. Note the ability to complete this program will not guarantee competency in the PAT.