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Building Fire Safety

This building and fire safety industry portal has been published to assist industry professionals including architects, building owners/managers, building regulation consultants, building surveyors, certifying authorities, consent authorities, dangerous goods/hazardous industry consultants, fire protection installers and consultants, fire safety engineers, government authorities, hydraulic consultants, other engineers, other fire agencies, public agencies and bodies, regulatory authorities, risk analysts and the like.

Latest news

Revised application forms (13/02/2017)
Some FRNSW forms have undergone minor amendment. The 'Informal consultation' process and form has been changed to FRNSW meeting to reduce any confusion.
New informal consultation process (15/12/2016)
A new 'Informal consultation (meeting)' process has been added superseding the previous request for consultation form.
Revised technical information sheet (18/11/2016)
The FRNSW compatible hose couplings has been revised to Version 05.

Resources for:

Certifying authorities

Engineers and consultants

Business and undertakings

Compliance and regulation

Guidelines and general information