FRNSW Statement of Business Ethics

All organisations and business operators with whom Fire & Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) deals, and all FRNSW employees must be vigilant in upholding FRNSW and NSW public sector standards for ethical conduct, as well as the standards that the public demands for dealing with public monies.

This Statement of Business Ethics sets out FRNSW's expectations of, and applies to, all service providers, suppliers and similar entities dealing with FRNSW, including contractors and consultants.

Organisations and business operators with whom FRNSW deals must ensure that their employees, contractors and subcontractors are informed of the requirements set out in this statement and implement adequate procedures to ensure that the requirements are followed.

Carrying out work on behalf of the FRNSW

Where organisations and business operators carry out work on behalf of the FRNSW it is expected that they will act ethically, with integrity, and will observe the standards established in the  FRNSW Code of Conduct. FRNSW looks to shared values with the organisations who supply goods and services to us. We believe in promoting open and effective competition and achieving value for money from all commercial engagements.

Our policies and procedures for contracting and purchasing goods and services are consistent with NSW Government guidelines. Our two key principles in selecting suppliers are value for money, and openness and honesty.

Value for money involves a balance in factors including compliance with specifications, whole-of-life product costs, reliability, timeliness and  responsiveness. It does not always mean selecting the lowest price.

The FRNSW expects openness and honesty in dealings with suppliers. As a NSW State Government organisation, the FRNSW is accountable for the efficient, effective and ethical use of public resources and is subject to public scrutiny from a number of independent bodies.

Conduct of business

The terms of your engagement will be in accordance with the FRNSW Terms and Conditions set out on our purchase order or a contract if this is in place for the engagement.

We require you to always quote an order number, contract number or FRNSW reference on an invoice. Failure to do so may result in a delayed payment and inconvenience in having to provide these details prior to payment.

In the event that you have to make a payment to FRNSW, cheques should be made payable only to Fire & Rescue New South Wales and not to any individual. Cash payment should always be acknowledged by an official Fire & Rescue NSW receipt.

Gifts, benefits and hospitality

FRNSW personnel are not to solicit gifts or benefits in connection with their employment. Our staff and contractors must not accept any gifts or benefits if they feel it could influence the way they do their job. If any gifts are accepted they must be disclosed. In addition, FRNSW staff and contractors must report any offers which are, or could be perceived to be an offer of a bribe.

As such, suppliers should refrain from offering any gifts or benefits to FRNSW staff and should not be offended if such offers are not accepted. Product samples or items for testing or evaluation are acceptable as long as they are intended solely for this purpose.

Conflicts of interest

Any conflicts of interest affecting, or likely to affect your dealings on behalf of or with FRNSW and its employees must be brought to the attention of FRNSW as soon as it becomes known. This applies to existing, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

You must declare the conflict to the FRNSW manager with whom you are dealing, and seek FRNSW advice on managing the conflict effectively.

In any conflict of interest situation you are expected to place the FRNSW’s interests ahead of your own.

Offers of employment

You must not offer any FRNSW employees private or secondary employment which conflicts with their FRNSW duties.

Former FRNSW employees

Former FRNSW employees who have dealings with current FRNSW employees need to ensure that they do not seek, or appear to seek, favourable treatment or access to confidential information, equipment, facilities or stores.

Health and safety

FRNSW is committed to the health and safety of our employees, volunteers, contractors and suppliers. To this end you must:

  • comply with, and ensure that your employees,contractors and subcontractors comply with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws,regulations, codes and standards.
  • ensure that you have identified OHS risks and have systems in place to manage these.
  • maintain adequate insurance coverage.
  • ensure bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated.

Legal requirements

You need to comply with all relevant legal requirements arising from your relationship with FRNSW.

We require you to engage in ethical and lawful business practices that:

  • do not restrict competition.
  • do not contravene the Trade Practices Act [external link] or other relevant legislation.
  • ensure advertising or opinions do not deceive or mislead.

Use of resources

Contractors, consultants and all other businesses dealing with FRNSW may only use FRNSW resources for official FRNSW purposes as agreed to by FRNSW.

Confidentiality of information

You must protect the confidentiality of FRNSW information. This information may be used only for the purpose for which it is provided.

Privacy requirements

You need to comply with the requirements of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 [external link] and the Health Records and Information Act 2002 [external link] in respect of all personal information obtained from, through or for FRNSW.

Intellectual property rights

You need to respect intellectual property rights, and negotiate with FRNSW concerning any use of FRNSW intellectual property.


All communication with FRNSW and its employees should be clear, direct and accountable to minimise the risk of inappropriate influence being brought to bear on the business relationship.

Reporting fraudulent,corrupt or unethical conduct

If you become aware of, or suspect on reasonable grounds, any of the following conduct by FRNSW employees or contractors, you must report it to FRNSW:

  • fraud
  • corrupt conduct
  • maladministration
  • serious and substantial waste of public resources
  • conduct involving substantial risk to public health or safety
  • any other unethical or improper conduct Reports may be made to the Manager Corporate Risk, the FRNSW Commissioner or the Independent Commission Against Corruption (the ICAC).

Why compliance is important

By complying with the requirements set out in this statement you will be able to progress your business objectives and interests with FRNSW in a safe, fair and ethical way.

You should be aware that the consequences of non-compliance with this statement could lead to:

  • termination of contracts
  • termination of business relationships
  • loss of future work
  • legal action
  • matters being referred to other authorities, including for criminal investigation.

Who to contact about this statement

If you believe that the principles detailed in this statement have not been followed or you would like more information on the ethical standards expected of FRNSW suppliers, please contact the Manager Corporate Risk.

Further information and copies of this document or the FRNSW Code of Conduct are available on the FRNSW website at

Further information on dealing with Government is also available from the Department of Commerce [external link] and the Independent Commission Against Corruption [external link] (the ICAC).