Educational programs

Fire & Rescue NSW encourages a local partnership among firefighters, teachers, students and parents to work to actively reduce the incidence and impact of fire and related traumas across NSW.

Pre ED (Preschool)

The Pre ED program aims to promote basic life saving fire safety messages to preschool age children.
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Fire ED (Primary school)

The Fire ED program aims to get vital fire safety messages to young children in kindergarten and year two.
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RescuEd (High school)

The RescuEd program is presented to high school students, Years 9-10 and aims to reduce the frequency and severity of the tragedy and trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents among 17-25 year olds.
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Intervention & Fire Awareness Program (IFAP)

The Intervention & Fire Awareness Program (IFAP) aims to intervene with children of all ages involved in fireplay.
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